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Attention: Paradigm is proud to introduce SURETYLOCK™  - the highest standard in diploma paper security! 

Starting in Spring 2024, SURETYLOCK will be introduced as a complimentary, added-value feature for all documents up to the size of 14" x 17". This feature will be progressively rolled out over the following six months. SURETYLOCK is represented by a QR Code watermark, positioned on the bottom back corner of diplomas and certificates that cannot be seen on the front of the document. When scanned, this QR Code grants access to our patented system, enabling real-time authentication of the document's publishing details. Additionally, it offers a convenient option to reorder the document, when applicable. The publishing information accessible through SURETYLOCK includes:

 Conferral Date  • Name of Recipient  • Name of Institution • Document Type • Proudly Printed in the USA

Please reach out to client relations if you have any questions at clientrelations@paradigm-corp.com